The question should not be "ls Psychotherapy worth it?" It should be, "Are you and your happiness worth it?" Psychotherapy is an investment in you and your future. It may seem expensive, but have you considered the hidden financial and emotional costs of avoiding therapy? Recently, a new client came in seeking help to be put on disability leave from work. She was severely depressed, couldn't sleep or work anymore. She had been trying to cope with a parent's declining mental status, a spouse's chronic illness, job dissatisfaction and issues with her children for a number of years. It pays to get help before challenges become so overwhelming that you become disabled. With just a few sessions, the client is starting to feel better. You deserve to live a healthy life free from the stressful impact of depression, anxiety or family conflicts. Is the cost of feeling stuck and unhappy at work or at home taking a toll on your productivity? Could it lead to job loss and unemployment? If your marital conflicts lead to divorce court, wouldn't legal fees, the emotional and financial burden of supporting two households outweigh the cost of psychotherapy by tens of thousands of dollars? As psychotherapy helps you resolve the issues that are troubling you, it will enable you to improve not only your emotional, but also your financial well being.
You may be concerned about the cost of getting the help you need. Dr. Lavi will help you understand how the process works and find a way to invest in yourself and afford psychotherapy. Insurance companies only cover medically necessary services. Although sometimes longer sessions are needed, many insurance companies will not pay for 60 - 90 minute sessions. Hypnotherapy, marital therapy and couple's counseling are not covered by medical insurance. Individual sessions, if needed, during the course of couple, therapy may be covered by your insurance benefits. Whenever possible Dr, Lavi will help you bill your insurance. Currently, in an attempt to cut insurance company's costs, many policies have high deductibles ($3,000 - $7,000), so that whether your therapist is in or out-of-network, you may not have coverage until you have met your deductible. If Dr. Lavi is not in your network, she will check to see whether out-of-network benefits could be utilized to help defer the costs. If you choose to use your insurance, it is important to remember that you lose some confidentiality since all clinical notes become part of your medical record which could be used in legal or insurance matters.
- Initial evaluation (Individual, Couple or Family) $250.00 (60 minutes)
- Individual Therapy $180.00 (50 minutes), $230.00 (60 minutes), $280.00 (90 minutes)
- Couple's or Family Therapy $200.00 (50 minutes), $280 (90 minutes)
- VSee video conference calls $200.00 (60 minutes)
- Ask about the cost Couple's retreats coming this summer, which could help you jump start and enhance your relationship.
* NOTE: Couple’s therapy sessions are not covered by any medical insurance providers. Individual sessions, if needed, during the course of couple’s therapy may be covered by your insurance benefits.
VSee calls are a way to save travel time, avoid driving in bad weather and save the cost of baby sitters for single moms or couples. Using HIPPA compliant video conferencing you can meet with Dr. Lavi from your home or when you travel for work and can’t meet in her office. Although insurance companies do not pay for video conference sessions, they can save you time and money.
Dr. Lavi is an in-network provider* for Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, Magellan and many other insurance companies. Check with your insurance company to see if she is in your network. She will also facilitate Out of Network Provider reimbursement, if she is not in your plan’s panel.
As a courtesy Dr. Lavi will submit claims to your insurance company on your behalf both for in network services and to companies which accept claims from out of network providers.
Cash or checks are accepted for payment. Payment plans can be arranged although an agreed upon payment is expected at the time of service.
Dr. Lavi holds your appointment time specifically for you. You will be billed for the service unless you reschedule your appointment for later in the week or have 2 sessions in a subsequent week.

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