Dr. Barbara Lavi, Clinical Psychologist/Best Selling Author and Dream Catalyst

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-Dr. Barbara Lavi Psychologist, Author & Public Speaker “Witnessing my clients as they achieve amazing transformations inspires me.”

* Licensed Clinical Psychologist Since 1978, Dr. Lavi worked & trained in the Boston area before moving to Westport CT in 2000. She holds a Master's Degree in Clinical Child Psychology & a Doctorate in Professional Psychology.

* Clinical Child Psychologist/Consultant Lawrence, Methuen, Andover & Burlington MA public schools,

* Staff Psychologist/Coordinator of Child & Trauma Teams Harvard Community Health Plan Burlington MA a Harvard Medical School Affiliate.

* Clinical Director of The Delphi Center of Burlington MA.

*Founder of ACT Now Psychotherapy Developed a unique active, creative, time-sensitive approach to psychotherapy.

Dr. Lavi tailors her work to meet each client’s unique needs. Drawing from a wide range of expertise & experience, she collaboratively develops the best therapeutic plan for each client.

Using ACT Now Psychotherapy techniques designed by Dr. Lavi, clients are Actively involved in the Creative process. Time-sensitive therapy is as brief as possible, but the therapeutic relationship lasts for a lifetime. Depending on the issues addressed, some clients may be in therapy for a few months while others may come for a few years. After completing a segment of therapy, over the years, clients often return for a tune up or to consult about a new issue or life challenge. Each time a client returns, therapy tends to be briefer.

Dr. Lavi works with children & adults utilizing individual, couple, family, & group therapy. She utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnosis & EMDR. Her areas of specialization include: divorce, anxiety, fears, phobias, loss, illness & trauma. Dr. Lavi currently maintains a private practice in Weston, CT.

If something is troubling you, feel free to contact Dr. Lavi for a confidential consult.

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